Todd Bowers Scores Again

One of our best looking POGO Alums is Todd “Steel on Steel” Bowers.  (Check out the photo.  He’s so handsome even Bono wants to have his picture taken with Toddy.)  So it was no surprise to any of us at POGO that T-Bone would show up as the cover boy for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) in a recent article in the Washington Post.  (In the print version there are three pictures of him.  Plus, Bowers is on IAVA’s splash page too!).  POGO has been a big fan of IAVA (we actually played a very small role in their inception), and we’re so psyched about this incredibly flattering Post piece.

Congrats to Mr. Bowers, Paul Rieckoff, Vanessa Williamson, and the rest of the IAVA gang.  (Make sure you check out their new social networking website — it’s really cool.)  Keep up the great work!

— Keith Rutter

P.S. Our Legal Department is requiring me to say that Bono in no way endorses POGO.  He almost definitely doesn’t even know who POGO is.  I’m sure he’d like POGO if he did.  But, he doesn’t.  So Bono definitely doesn’t endorse POGO.  In any way.

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