Update from POGO Alum Greg Williams

I just heard from POGO Alum Greg Williams.  It turns out that he is doing the work of the Devil by helping Microsoft become a phone company.  In his spare time, he spies on U.S. Navy nuclear subs, having spotted what looked like an Ohio-class boat giving a DSRV a piggy-back ride.  (Greg asserts this is impossible since the last DSRV was retired some time ago, but a local retired Ohio skipper couldn’t come up with a better explanation.)

While he makes a living monkeying with computers, the mysteries of blogs have somehow escaped his understanding.  Fortunately, when they’re not busy training for the space program, his beautiful family (pictured here) keep him up to date with what he needs to do.

— Keith Rutter

P.S. Our Legal Department is requiring me to say that Greg does not really spy on nuclear submarines.  He was joking.  If Mr. Williams actually spied on nuclear submarines, POGO would not approve.  POGO does not endorse that kind of activity.  In any way.

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