Update from POGO Alum Chris Potter

Chris Potter reports that he is generally enjoying his studies at Boston College Law School, although now that studying for finals currently consumes 25 hours of the average day, he is reconsidering the “generally enjoying” part.  He will more generally enjoy getting paid like an attorney when he graduates in May 2010.

In keeping with POGO’s ethos, Chris’s most recent internship was at the Connecticut Attorney General’s Office, helping to prosecute various corporations for unfair and deceptive trade practices, including a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Countrywide Mortgage for their role in the subprime lending debacle.  He sends this smarmy photo of himself with CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.  Chris regrets having forgotten to wear a suit to the photo-op, but takes comfort in the fact that he is the taller one.

— Keith Rutter

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