Party by the WC

Last Friday, POGO hosted its annual holiday party.  Not sure how many people were here–some said definitely 200, some said no way–but after 4+ hours of partying, I think all would agree it was happily crowded.   We even had to get the usuals to roll to the bars shortly after 9:00, well past the POGO closing time–another sign of a successful gathering.

Here are just a few pictures from the party:

(For the regulars: we tried something new this year and separated the food and drinks.  We were hoping to get people to move around and not just congregate at one spot.  Turns out most people hung out by the drinks.  Oh, and thanks to Marty Lobel for the annual donation of chopped liver–this year almost all of it went!)

I overheard a few topics of conversation that our Watercooler readers might enjoy:

  • “What the &%#*$ is up with the economy?!”  (I’ve never talked so much about real estate values at a party.  There were also a number of people looking for jobs.  A couple of people even asked about posting for jobs on the Watercooler, which we’re always glad to do.)
  • “So glad to see that Beth’s here and looking great!”
  • “What are you doing for the Inauguration?”
  • “Who do you follow on Twitter?”
  • “Do you know there’s a woman here who is actually defending Guantanamo?!”

Special thanks to a major donor who has made this party possible over the years.  And this year, thanks to Chris Pabon, we had a fun silent auction that will help defray the rest of the party costs.  As several people commented that certain groups had to either scale back or completely cut their holiday party this year due to financial concerns, I’m especially thankful that we could provide what we did.

Thanks to those who made it, sorry to those who didn’t, and I encourage folks to post their own party highlights in the comments section.

— Keith Rutter

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