Smith College Honors Danielle

Hang around the POGO office long enough and you’ll notice that POGO Executive Director Danielle Brian credits her Smith College education when she thinks she’s done something great (and Florida public schools on those rare occasions when she screws up). Yesterday Smith College announced that they’ve formed a mutual admiration society with Danielle by awarding her the Smith College Medal “to recognize women who exemplify in their lives and work ‘the true purpose’ of a liberal arts education.”

For those of you unfamiliar with the selection process, this award is a big deal. The vetting process takes years — the Board of Trustees wanted so many updates they were close to making the holiday card list — and, frankly, it made the Obama administration’s vetting process look haphazard in comparison. But perhaps the best part is the referral Smith chose to recognize Danielle:

“Praised for her “take-no-prisoners” approach to exposing fraud, waste and corruption among government agencies and contractors, Brian works with whistleblowers and government insiders, Capitol Hill decision-makers, agency policymakers and the media. She has also worked to fortify government oversight systems through training congressional staff in oversight techniques and bolstering the federal Inspectors General.”

This week Danielle is in Sweden, but we can’t wait for her to come back for us to celebrate!

— Mandy Smithberger, Smith ’08

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