Whistleblower Film Series Wrap-up

Many thanks to all who joined us for the Whistleblower Film Series earlier this month. We were thrilled with all of the support, interest, and thoughtful discussion surrounding this incredibly important issue.

We’ve put together a quick slide show of some of the highlights from the Series. We hope you’ll join us next time—but meanwhile, we hope you’ll continue to help us push for legislation to create enhanced and credible whistleblower protections.

Part of the 10th annual DC Labor FilmFest, the Whistleblower Film Series showcases films that explore the valuable role of whistleblowers at a critical time in the effort to restore and modernize protections for federal government employees.

Bryan Rahija

Read about last year’s Whistleblower Film Series.

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One Response to “Whistleblower Film Series Wrap-up”

  1. John Cusickon 03 Nov 2010 at 10:39 am

    Thank you for portraying the sacrifices of men and women who stand up for truths those in power would prefer to suppress. Our nation needs better legislation to protect them.

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