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At POGO, we take food very seriously. So where do POGO staffers like to go when they aren’t enjoying a POGO taco lunch or POGO waffle breakfast? The Watercooler endeavored to find out. Below find some of our staffers’ favorite spots around the office, some of their favorite dishes, and find out which establishment deserves credit as D.C.’s original food truck.

Chris Pabon, Director of Development: Mine would be food trucks. The ones I favor when around are Porc, Dangerously Delicious Pies, DC Slices, and Sweet Bites.

Bryan Rahija, Blog Editor : Slightly lame, but the Cosi across the street. Every morning begins with a jalapeno cheddar bagel and cream cheese.

Paul Thacker, Investigator: Bistro du Coin – Great atmosphere, good food, fair prices. Best French restaurant in the city. Feels almost like I’m at Balthazar. Distrito Federal – Only reasonably priced place in the city with authentic tacos. El Rinconcito – Loved this place…’til it became the new hipster spot.

Neil Gordon, Investigator: Cafe Mozart – great German lunches (a sausage with choice of potato salad and red cabbage or kraut; also runs about $6-7). And near the Cafe Mozart   is the “Italian Deli”, which has pretty good subs and all kinds of gourmet snacks.

Danielle Brian, Executive Director: Dangerously Delicious Pies- Baltimore Bomb!

Keith Rutter, Chief Operations Officer: The Greek Deli, with Kostas directing the ship, is still the all-time best.

Abby Evans, Development Associate: The Cap Mac food truck for beef bolognese pasta!

Danni Downing, Editor: Ha’ad Thai for the pad thai, CapMac truck for the CapMac’n’Cheese with Cheese-It crumble, Dangerously Delicious Pies for the S.M.O.G. pie (steak, mushrooms, onion, and Gruyere cheese) and Potbelly’s, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie!

Michael Smallberg, Investigator:Restaurant: hot dog stand on the corner (a.k.a the original food truck)
Meal of choice: half-smoke with mustard + chips for under $3

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