Some Outdoor Fun

There is no better way to enjoy the warm weather than with a day spent out in the sun. With the endless options of outdoor activities in the city, it can be hard to choose just one thing. We wanted to find out what the POGO staffers would consider their favorite activity when they get out of the office and get to enjoy the spring weather.

Chris Pabon, Director of Development: Ziplining at GoApe up in Rock Creek.

Paul Thacker, Investigator: I like getting together with a bunch of friends and taking a long bike ride together on the weekend. For the last one, six of us rode up Beach Drive through Rock Creek Park to the very edge of Silver Spring.  We then hopped on the Crescent Trail, down to Bethesda, and stopped for ice cream.  We continued riding down the Crescent Trail along the Potomac and the C & O Canal until Georgetown.  The trip back up to Mt. P. was a bit difficult as it was uphill and we had to deal with traffic, especially on the mean streets of DuPont Circle.

Danni Downing, Editor: Although spring does mean lots of pretty flowers and budding trees to photograph and lots of local trails to bike (Mount Vernon is a good one, as are the Paint Branch/Indian Creek trails, which connect up to each other and a bunch of other trails), spring really means an indoor sport for me: hockey! Every year hope springs eternal that the Washington Capitals will not only make the playoffs, but go deep into them—possibly all the way to lifting the Cup. This year, so far so good, but I’m not uncrossing my fingers until June.

Bryan Rahija, Blog Editor: I always enjoy hanging out by the drum circle in Meridian Hill Park.

Johanna Mingos, Data Specialist: Eastern Market on Saturday/Sunday mornings! We can’t have pets in our apartments, so my husband and I like to play with the dogs out for their morning walk.

Abby Evans, Development Associate: Playing disc golf in Bluemont Park in Arlington!

Danielle Brian, Executive Director: The Grief statue in the Rock Creek Cemetery.

Jake Wiens, Investigator: I like to bike in Rock Creek Park.

Joe Newman, Director of Communications: I like to to get out of the city and head to my favorite hikes on Old Rag or the Billy Goat Trail.

Neil Gordon, Investigator: Wheaton Regional Park and Brookside Gardens, which are just a short walk from where I live.

Keith Rutter, Director of Operations: Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens National Park is a hidden gem of the city.

Angela Canterbury, Director of Public Policy: The kids and I like to bike the Capital Crescent Trail from Bethesda to Georgetown. It’s 11 miles (at a gentle grade downhill). We stop for a treat on the Potomac waterfront (them ice cream, me a beer)—and then we take the metro from Foggy Bottom or Farragut North back up!

Image by Flickr user Keith Ivey, used under Creative Commons License

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