Get to Know a POGO Intern: 5 Questions with Rohail Premjee

Rohail Premjee joined POGO as an intern this summer. He hails from Fort Worth, TX, is an eagle scout, and has served as a two-term Page in the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s currently a student at Dartmouth and plans to major in Government and minor in Public Policy. The Watercooler recently caught up with Rohail to find out about his experience at POGO, the meaning of his name, and bad drivers.

Watercooler: What attracted you to POGO?

Rohail Premjee: Having worked in Congress before, I really wanted to look at policymaking from a different perspective. I see that POGO is great for me because it is a top-notch non-governmental organization that really advocates causes I value, such as government accountability and transparency. Working at POGO has already taught me how we can work to make government more open and ways we can help strengthen congressional oversight.

Watercooler: What’s the best part about working at POGO so far?

Rohail Premjee: The close-knit environment. Everyone is so personable and not cold-shouldered. And they really want to teach you, which is great!

Watercooler: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Rohail Premjee: Mmmmhhh I’m hoping to have already completed a graduate degree, but I don’t know in what. I can see myself working in a city like DC or Seattle.

Watercooler: The Watercooler understands that your name translates to “boy who likes to travel.” What’s been your favorite trip of the last three years, and where do you want to go next?

Rohail Premjee: Either Toronto or London, maybe even my stays in Chicago or DC—I love big cities. While I’ve been to Germany before, I want to explore it again, but this time visiting all its major cities such as Berlin and Frakfurt.

Watercooler: Which drivers are worse: DC drivers, or Dallas drivers?

Rohail Premjee: DC, BY FAR.

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