Kristin Bauer Lends POGO Star Power

I (and many others here in the POGO office) are huge fans of HBO’s True Blood. We all have our favorite characters, and mine happens to be Pam, the snarky, Swedish vampiress whose face melts off in season four. The character is played by actress Kristin Bauer, who as we found out, is also a good government advocate.

How do we know? In July, Kristin Bauer re-tweeted a POGO report on how to save almost $600 billion dollars over the next decade in defense spending.

I also happen to enjoy going to conventions, and decided to attend the Monster-mania Con in Hunt Valley, MD this month because both Bauer and Lauren Bowles (who plays a Wiccan waitress on the show) were there. I had the opportunity to meet Bauer, and can personally testify that she is friendly and nice (nothing like her vampire alter ego.) She not only signed an autograph for me, but agreed to take a picture with the POGO bumper sticker (evidence attached).

Yes, I was kind of star struck: she is a class act and extremely cool.

Chris Pabon is POGO’s Director of Development.

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